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Dance Levels


This class is for the many people who call us and say, “I have two left feet!” It's ideal for the person who has never had dance instruction and would like to learn the proper way to dance. Remember, there are only two ways: right and wrong! The basic steps, timing, and character of each dance will be taught in this class.


This is the first level of ballroom dancing, where the student learns how to be a good, comfortable, and confident social dancer. We'll teach you many patterns, how to lead and follow through proper hold, correct hand connections, posture, and a more rhythmical action through stronger use of the feet and legs.


This is the second level of ballroom dancing, where the patterns become more challenging and the student will feel much more comfortable demonstrating his progress to others. In the smooth dances, the student should start to increase the movement side of the dance by creating a stronger swing from foot to foot. Body flight should be more apparent as the weight moves across the floor. In the Latin dances, the student will start to develop what's called “Latin motion,” and feel a good connection with his partner, as he executes stronger and quicker movements in the dance.


This is the third level of ballroom dancing. As the variety of the figures increases (one pattern could involve many measures of music), the student will be moving with a strong, melodious swing, creating good lines. There will be a positive sense of control through good balance and body shape. You'll see most professionals dancing at the Gold and Silver levels in their routines.

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