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Our Owners

Rebekah Klyukin Ballroom Instructor A Time to Dance
Rebekah Klyukin
Studio Owner, Instructor

Rebekah Klyukin is a Hampton Roads native. Rebekah has always loved music and dancing.  Her parents took her to her first ballroom dance and from then on she was hooked. A year after she began taking lessons, she met a young man from Russia, Zhenya, who had been ballroom dancing since he was a child. Her interest in competitive Ballroom and Latin dancing was piqued. Once Zhenya returned to Russia she continued her dance training in Washington D.C. and the Baltimore area.  Eventually, Zhenya returned to the states where they continued to dance together and eventually were married.  They now have two beautiful children Izabella and Dmitry. Rebekah strives to encourage others to start or carry on with their dance journey. She loves teaching beginners as well as doing competitions and performances with her students.  You may have seen her over the years performing with her students at local fundraisers for the Virginia Beach SPCA and Virginia Musical Theater held at Chrysler Hall and the Sandler Center where her students have won five mirror ball trophies!  

Zhenya Klyukin Ballroom Instructor A Time to Dance
Zhenya Klyukin
Studio Owner, Instructor

Zhenya Klyukin began dancing at the age of 6 in Yekaterinburg, Russia. While in Russia he competed about every other weekend, winning Regional Championship titles in both Latin, Standard, and 10-dance.  He first visited the United States in 2003 with a work and travel program; and continued to travel back and forth between the two countries until 2007, when he moved to the U.S. to continue his education.  He and his wife, Rebekah, have owned A Time to Dance since that time.  He actively competes with his students (Newcomer through the highest level Open Gold) in competitions throughout the nation.  He enjoys teaching students of all levels and abilities.  Zhenya teaches all styles of Ballroom dancing including International Standard and Latin, and American Smooth and Rhythm.  While Zhenya is a highly trained and technically advanced dancer, he is an excellent communicator and great at catering his lessons to each individual student's unique goals and learning styles.  Zhenya also enjoys performing and competing with his students at various fundraisers to support the Virginia Beach SPCA, Virginia Musical Theater, and Judeo Christian Outreach.  

Our Instructors

Allie Powers Ballroom Instructor
Allie Powers
Director of Social Media, Instructor

Allie Powers has danced most of her life, beginning at the early age of 4 with ballet. At a young age she showed great promise and natural ability.  She took up Ballroom Dancing in 2004 focusing initially on the Latin dances and then progressing to learn all forms of Ballroom Dancing. She has competed in Maryland and Washington D.C., placing 1st and taking the overall categories in all of her competitions. Allie has been dancing and teaching for A Time to Dance in Virginia Beach, VA since 2005, initially teaching for the kids program.  Allie now teaches all levels of social dancing, and International and American styles.  Allie excels in International style Latin and is known for her spirited energy on the dance floor and great performance personality! 

Sara Austin - Bio
Sara Austin
Studio Assistant,
Social Dance Instructor

Sara Austin has been teaching dance for over 5 years and has partnered with A Time to Dance in various capacities for over 10 years. She specializes in connection for social dancing. Her favorite styles are West Coast Swing, Two-Step, and Waltz, but she can teach a wide variety of dances and styles. She loves teaching group classes and private lessons, and she has a heart for working with couples and helping people connect through dance.  Sara has a fun sense of humor and makes everyone feel at ease during their lesson.  

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